• Dispose of any waste products according to Australian Standards Regulations;
  • Maintain an up to date register of Material Safety Data Sheets for hazardous substances/chemicals.
  • Adhere to any applicable Environmental Laws.
  • Clermont Crane Hire Pty Ltd is committed to undertaking its business in a manner that recognises the importance of environmental protection and sustainability. 

    We will achieve this by:

    • Complying with environmental statutory and legislative requirements, such as the Environmental Protection Act 1994.
    • Maintaining, monitoring, reporting, reviewing, auditing and continually improving the CCH Environmental Management System
    • Providing sufficient and suitable resources to implement and maintain the Environmental Management System.
    • Applying waste, energy and water minimisation principles.
    • Taking all practicable steps to prevent pollution and other adverse effects.
    • Educating and training our people to continually improve awareness, skills and knowledge of environmental issues and practices especially in the areas of waste, noise and air quality management.
    • Establishing and reviewing meaningful and accurate environmental performance measures, taking action to improve outcomes.
    • Identifying, reporting, investigation and resolving environmental incidents and taking actions to prevent recurrence.All CCH personnel have a responsibility to perform their duties in a manner which ensures safety of the environment.