Health & Safety Objectives

Clermont Crane Hire has a legal and moral and legal obligation to ensure Workplace Health and Safety at all times. Our objective is to prevent workplace related injuries and harm to all persons within its operations and contractual sites.

The purpose of the HSE management system is to provide quality crane hire services whilst maintaining a safe working environment for all employees and contractors in accordance with current Legislations and Acts.

These high standards will be achieved through the involvement of all Clermont Crane Hire staff members in the health and safety programs and actively working to identify and control hazards.
In particular, all supervisory staff are responsible for the regular hazard surveillance of their respective job sites.

Clermont Crane Hire recognises the effectiveness of health and safety meetings in preventing accidents through developing awareness and supports them in every way. All incidents that may occur on any job site will be investigated fully and steps taken to eliminate future occurrences through the combined actions of management, supervisors and employees.

All company personnel have a regular involvement in workplace health and safety training and have documented safe work procedures for hazardous tasks to further heighten their awareness of the needs for personal diligence.

Work carried out on all locations and mine sites shall be carried out in accordance with guidelines specified in this HSE management system and also the clients HSE management system and referenced documents where applicable to the project.
This Safety Policy statement shall be available for viewing at all Clermont Crane Hire workplaces and is endorsed by the Company’s Management to confirm their personal commitment in maintaining a high level of safety in aspects of the work for all employees and the public.

Success will be dependent on the full and enthusiastic involvement of all employees and management