Our Fleet


  • Franna 18T
  • Franna 20T
  • Franna 25T

Slew Crane:

  • Slew Crane 50T
  • Slew Crane 55T
  • Slew Crane 60T
  • Slew Crane 80T
  • Slew Crane 100T
  • Slew Crane 110T
  • Slew Crane 130T
  • Slew Crane 140T
  • Slew Crane 160T
  • Slew Crane 170T
  • Slew Crane 200T
  • Slew Crane 220T
  • Slew Crane 250T
  • Slew Crane 300T
  • Slew Crane 350T
  • Slew Crane 400T
  • Slew Crane 450T
  • Slew Crane 500T


  • Crawler 50T
  • Crawler 60T
  • Crawler 80T
  • Crawler 100T
  • Crawler 110T
  • Crawler 130T
  • Crawler 150T
  • Crawler 160T
  • Crawler 170T
  • Crawler 200T
  • Crawler 250T
  • Crawler 280T
  • Crawler 300T
  • Crawler 350T
  • Crawler 400T
  • Crawler 450T
  • Crawler 500T


  • Road Train Flat Top
  • Step Deck
  • 4 row float with dolly 60T rated
  • Toyota Hilux Crew Cab Utes
  • Weighing set, ramps and stools
  • Jacking and strand Jacks set up to 250T
  • All weather access for a 400T platform float and storage


All vehicles are fully mine inspected and compliant

All vehicles undergo scheduled maintenance as per manufacturer specifications

All employees are trained and certified as qualified and competent to operate specific equipment

Our employees currently hold Open Crane Qualifications, Working @ Heights, EWP,
Intermediate Rigger and Forklift Qualifications