What you need to take into consideration when you require a crane
  1. Maximum RadiusHowToOrderACrane
  2. Total weight of the Load = Actual weight of the object
    + Crane Hook Block
    + Slings, Spreader Bars, Shackles
    + Any other lifting attachements
  3. Clearance height under ceiling, overhangs, ledges etc
  4. Allow distance from jib head to hook
  5. Height of hook from ground.
  6. Height of obstruction between crane and load
  7. Allow for obstructions which may hinder the counterweight when slewing
  8. Allow for obstructions and their distance from centre of rotation
  9. Boom length
  10. Make sure the ground is firm

The total weight of the lift must not exceed any load capacity listed in any Crane Rating Chart

Maintain legal distances from power lines
Distance from trenches (ie 1 metre down, 1 metre away)
Check for any underground services
Traffic control (pedestrian / vehicular) police, council or RTA Permits